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Lynn  makes her home along the base of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Bishop, California, with her husband and two children, Sara and Kevin.   She lives up to her nickname and is a "white tornado" of activity.     

Ruth and Fred hail from Arizona.  Fred was a plumber and an avid bicyclist which he had to give up.   They love hiking and baseball.   

Jim & wife Nancy:  We live in Madison Wi.  I was a Master Plumber now I work as a plumbing inspector for the City of Madison.  Nancy is my support & care giver  when ever I need it. Have had Sarcoidosis for 6 Years and counting . 
Meet other Sarcoidosis sufferers who understand what this terrible disease is like.  Sarcoid Buddies at  was created several years ago by my dear friend Kipy and is a wonderful place to get information and share your experiences about this dreadful disease.
Here are other Sarcoid Buddies.....see, you are not alone after all. 

Angela and her husband ,Roger, live in Arkansas.  They have three daughters and two grandbabies.  Roger owns his own logging company.  
   Darlene9   LarryAmbrose    KEL131   Deborah
Darlene9    LarryAmbrose    KEL131   Deborah   Nancy
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Darell, shown here with his son and daughter, lives in Edmondton, Alberta Canada and has had Sarcoidosis for 11 years.  

"Kipy" and Great Niece Catherine
Is the founder of Sarcoid Buddies at MSN and lives in South Carolina with her  "Taco Bell" dog, Kelsey, and has had Sarcoidosis since 1992.  
SueSue   Bobbie25   Sandra   Steve   DotDot   Steven R. Huber
SueSue   Bobbie25   Sandra   Steve   DotDot   Steven R. Huber
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Patsy   Luiggie   Ladybugart MTNS4LADY Minnie   Areatha
"Nancy and Jerry"

Nancy with her husband Jerry, lives in Oklahoma City, OK and was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in December, 2002. 
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